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The Westchester Geeks Group is the most active geek group in the tristate area with multiple events a week that often seat 30 or more people.  And we’ve decided we want to do something even bigger!

Announcing GEEK PRIDE DAY!  - Geek Pride Day is a celebration on May 25th of all things geek. Whether you are into chess and checkers, science fiction, anime, fantasy, comics, RPGs, video games, dapper British TV shows, Joss Whedon worshipers, Japanese pop or sub culture, the civil war, trains, plains, off beat polka music from the 70s, etc. you are welcome and are surely guaranteed a great time! Did you enjoy reading Tolstoy when you were 13 years old? Congratulations and come on over. Did you build your own computer in your basement just cause you could? ALL ARE WELCOME!

We are in the pre-plannng stages and just want to gauge interest at this level but we want everyone from Jersey, NYC, Connecticut, Long Island, Rockland County, upstate, and beyond to come. This is NOT a convention, it is a party. (Don’t worry, cosplay/ geek fasion is encouraged.)

Here are the details thus far:

The tickets are $10 each for a party that will last from 1pm to 9pm. You will be required to buy tickets in advance. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy tickets the day of, it just means will only be collecting them at the site, not selling them. You can probably even buy them on your phone and show it at the door.

There are also $1 raffle tickets that you can use to win cool swag and prizes such as tickets to the Rennaissance Faire or  Dexcon/gedcon.. We have a lot of comic book stores and game stores working with us on this.

The location will be in a county park walking distance from a train station and with covered picnic areas in the event it rains. This is in late May so the weather should be fantastic! We are only guessing now that it will be at Croton Point Park which is a beautiful park on the water near Metro North and Amtrak and plenty of parking.

THERE WILL OF COURSE BE FOOD FOR THE MASSES!  Probably even some geek food like fish fingers and custard.

There will also be cotton candy, an espresso cart, a red bull cart, and ice cream truck. The party is BYOB with the exception of a geek drink tasting after 6 pm.


Entertainment - will be family friendly until 6pm.

We will have:


Hipster banjo players

Big greg’s ska band

Dj sarah

Dj Lawrence

Geek buttons to easily label your geek to better meet other people, including a write in one for the off-beat.

A Costume contest – cosplay is encouraged

A Geek fashion show


  • Dance dance revolution/ video game tourney / karaoke
  • Trivia
  • Geek scavenger hunt
  • Apache relay
  • Human chess
  • Face painting
  • Giant Catan game
  • Giant Battleships
  • Gaming tables
  • Lawn games – croquet
  • Water balloon dodgeball
  • Zombie tag – walking dead
  • Geek Olympics: math quiz, spelling bee

We will have a dunking booth for characters we hate: Joffery Baratheon for instance

We will have Vendors/Booths

Artist alley – are you a geeky artist? You are welcome to come show off your stuff here, be it geek stained glass, corsets, throw pillows, or the classic print. If artists want to come from farther away we will try to arrange to put you up with someone awesome.

Anybody who buys a ticket can vote on The Nerdies (awards) for

  • Best board game
  • best video game of the year
  • best movie (horror, sci-fi, fantasy)
  • best first person shooter
  • best TV show of the year
  • best  RPG
  • sexiest TV/movie characters
  • Villain/Villaness of the year
  • Hero/Heroin of the year

And the trophies will actually be sent to the winners, whether they want them or not.

After 6pm we will have:


Sideshow circus

Steampunk carnival and HIGH TEA

Geek Drink Tasting – such as mulled wine, mead, butter beer, and more


We may even have some famous nerds show up. You can probably already guess who.

Also, this is a non-proft party. Any money earned past the expenses of the party will go to the Wounded Warriors charity which helps rehabilitate soldiers. We are not out to make a profit, we are here to have fun.

COME ONE AND ALL!  And we welcome suggestions.

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